Jun 16, 2019

Have you been to this deli at the K7 Strip along J.P. Laurel Avenue in Lanang called Mindanao Butchers & Company?

They sell Tierra meat products, such as their hamon and chorizo, and premium beef products, such as American Wagyu, from Snake River Farms, among others. Aside from the premium meat and wines, they also have a pop-up called Tapas Y Mas (tapas and wine). With the popularity of tapas and wine, this make them unique and interesting by introducing to the Davao market a different kind of Spanish food beyond the typical paella, gambas and salpicao that we all grew up with.

Mindanao Butchers & Company is a perfect place for early nightcaps or meet ups. 

Here are some of the food I tried and it was worth all the calories :D

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They are also the first to introduce Engkanto craft beer to Mindanao, which comes in the variants - lager, pale ale, and double IPA. They also serve the best-selling and delectable Carmen’s Ice Cream.

Mindanao Butchers & Company is owned by  Carlo Lorenzana and Carmina del Rosario. It is also co-owned by their friends and business partners Raffy del Rosario, Anton Lopez, Sandro Gonzalez and Bobby Tenchavez, who is also Lorenzana's partner in his Davao and Manila restaurant and wine ventures. 


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