Jul 18, 2016

Marco Polo Hotels has just unveiled its signature iced tea that will give its hotel guests another way to stay cool during the sweltering hot summer days. Coinciding with National Iced Tea day which falls annually on June 10th, every Marco Polo and Niccolo hotel will have this unique refreshment available.

The modern take on a traditional recipe was first created at the annual Chief Business Managers Conference earlier this year at Marco Polo Changzhou, where each General Manager from every Marco Polo and Niccolo hotel assembled to discuss new and innovative ways to drive more business to their respective property.  This year, the hotels competed in an iced tea-making competition to determine who could make the most unique and refreshing iced tea concoction. Marco Polo Xiamen introduced the Earl Grape Iced Tea, citing the integration of East with the West as one of the influences behind the drink’s creation, and eventually secured the coveted award.
The amount of care and detail that goes into creating each Earl Grape Iced Tea drink can only be surpassed by its taste.  Two types of ice cubes are included in the drink: elderflower syrup is mixed with pure water to create one type of the ice cubes, while pure water that has been steeped with loose earl grey tea leaves form the second type.  Meanwhile, freshly steeped earl grey tea is left to sit overnight in a refrigerator to allow for the many flavours to combine and fuse.      Seedless green grapes are then rinsed and placed slightly squashed at the base of the glass.  After adding the infused elderflower and earl grey ice cubes, the concentrated earl grey tea is poured over the grapes and ice cubes to complete the thirst-quenching drink hailed by many as the perfect summer refreshment.

Every Earl Grape Iced Tea comes with a freshly baked lokum or Turkish delight. The sugar-based confection is the perfect accompaniment to the Earl Grape Iced Tea, as it helps to accentuate the various flavours resulting from the beverage.

The Earl Grape Iced Tea will be available at any Marco Polo or Niccolo Hotel beginning in June.  Guests may experience the refreshing beverage in all hotel dining experiences and through in-room dining.  For more information, please visit our website at marcopolohotels.com.

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