May 2, 2016

It is common knowledge that Filipinos possess a great love for food. Sharing meals with each other develops a sense of community, that naturally turns into something deeper: family. So for all lovers of fresh seafood, Choobi Choobi has something for you.

Choobi Choobi serves fresh shrimp all the way from Cebu! They will serve us a fresh and uniqure dining experience. Choobi Choobi is owned by Stan Tanchan whose dream is to give Filipinos export-quality shrimp at local prices. He has had his shrimp farm for over 20 years, but it was only later on that Choobi Choobi was born. He first began by exporting his shrimp. Stan’s passion for food combined with his dream translated into cooking— creating all the recipes himself. Choobi Choobi was born out of his love for food and
sharing it with great company. 

Though shrimp is Choobi Choobi’s specialty, their menu boasts of Filipino comfort food that’ll have you saying, “lami kaayo!” even if you’re not Cebuano.
Shrimp in a Bag. 

It is as the name suggests: a pound of shrimps served in a bag, but cooked in a variety of ways and oozes with their savory butter garlic sauce.

Fresh Pineapple Organic Kale

Lola Pepang’s Chicken
a hearty family fried chicken recipe passed down four
Choobi Choobi’s new face is none other than Erich Gonzales.

So what are you waiting for? Call your friends, call your family and come

together for a fresh and unique experience at Choobi Choobi!

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