Aug 2, 2015

Food tripping is one of the things I love to do when I travel. I've been to Japan a month ago and 80% of that trip was about food. Most of the food I tried there was like restaurant food since my companions were not that adventurous enough to try street food. 

Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a hawker or vendor, often from a portable food booth, food cart or food truck. 

Imagine my excitement when I learned that Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM Lanang will feature street food from around the world. Its like hitting two birds with one stone --- eating street food in a restaurant buffet setting. Vikings will serve street food from China to France every dinner on weekdays and lunch & dinner on weekends. 

Durum - (Turkish roll) is a wrap that is usually filled with typical döner kebab ingredients. It is a dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally lamb but sometimes beef, or chicken. The wrap is made from lavash or yufka flatbread.

Rou Jia Mo
Rou Jia Mo - (Chinese  meat burger) is a street food originating from Shaanxi Province and now widely consumed all over China. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings.

Tacos Al Pastor
Tacos Al Pastor - is a dished developed in Central Mexico, likely asa result of the adoption of the shawarma spit-grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Tacos Al Pastor are made from thin strips of pork that have been marinated in spices and chiles and then stacked onto a long spit called a trompo.

Espetinho - (Kebabs of Brazil) Espetinhos can be made from many things. The most common are simple skewers of spiced beef or chicken. There are other varieties of espetinho, however, made from sausage or hot dogs, from shrimps or cubed fish, or even from queijo coalho, a Brazilian cheese that doesn't melt and so can be grilled.

Pork Satay
Pork Satay - Satay originated from Java, Indonesia. It consists of of sliced pork grilled or barbecued over wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings.

Suppli - Italian snacks consisting of ball of rice (generally risotto) with tomato sauce and raw egg. 

Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken - Jerk is a style of cooking in Jamaica in which meat is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a very hot spice mixture called "Jamaican Jerk Spice". Jerk  seasoning is traditionally applied to pork or chicken. Jerk seasoning principally relies on two items: allspice (pimento in Jamaica) and Scotch bonnet peppers.

Crepe - is a type of very thin pancake, usually made of wheat flour. Crepes are served with a variety of fillings, from the simplest with only sugar to flambeed crepes or elaborate savoury galettes.

Head on to Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM Lanang Premier to enjoy these delicious street food from around the world. They are open daily; 11:00 am – 2:30 pm (Lunch), 5:30 – 10:00 pm (Dinner). Check out their FB page for more details

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