Mar 30, 2015

When you talk about cakes, Bistro Rosario is one of the pillars in this industry. Established in 1989 by the Lizada family, it is definitely the most recommended place to be - to satisfy your cravings.

They recently launched an artisan pastry line called Worx of Aarts. They brought in an expert in the person of Chef Jan Willem Jansen. Jan Willem graduated in 1995 at the Bakery School in Wageningen, the Netherlands and became a bakery and pastry teacher. He gained working experience in one of the best bakery shops in the Netherlands. After finding out that he was allergic to flour he had to find another job to put his heart in. That's when he found de Rouw in Vught, the Netherlands, it is the most prestigious pastry shop in Netherlands since it is the only member of Relaise E' Dessert. He gained experience in technique, chocolate art and magnificent pastry creations.

Jan Willem thinks pastry is something special, something he can rely put his heart in. With his creativity he combines flavor that really wake up your senses. With his unexhausted imagination he creates the most outstanding designs.

The Worx of Aarts pastries are available daily at Bistro Rosario along Torres Street. Prices range from Php150 to Php175 per single serving. It also has sugar-free offerings.

You can visit them at:

Torres Street, Davao City
+ 63 82 221 7780

G/F Ecoland Suites, 
Tulip Drive, Ecoland, Davao City

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