Oct 19, 2013

Want to eat dinner with your family this weekend? Guess what! The largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines, Vikings: A Feast from the Seas is the place to be. Now open at SM Lanang Premier. Dabawenyos love to eat and a buffet means more food. Vikings will ensure that your experience will be unforgettable!

Though Vikings has at least six hundred (600) capacity, I seriously admire the waiters that are there to accommodate your needs. And my compliments to the chefs! I swear to the holy god of food that the food is incredible! Delicious. Mesmerising. Each bite is pure bliss. I was so dizzy because there's food left and right, and center! It was a fun time. Trying to decide what to eat, I mean. Below are pictures of some of the food that they serve (there's just too much!!), get ready because you will drool. Don't say I didn't warn you! ☺

I had such a blast with my family last Tuesday. Great food and great service. Keep it up! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit Vikings for a luxurious feast and an awesome time. ☺

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