Apr 15, 2013

Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, nights get longer, drinks get colder, life gets better.. it's official the summer sun has reached Davao! The season where it's all about relaxation and having fun is here and Blugre Cafe has something for all us to enjoy!

With open arms, Blugre welcomes summer with their summer coolers and pastries. I'm 101% sure that you are all going to love this as much as I did.

The Raspberry and Passion Fruit Blast are a must-try! Its cool, sweet fruity flavor is so delicious. One sip of these heavenly delights will quench your thirst and cool of your body. Personally,  I loved the Raspberry Blast. It's not too sweet, which is good. The Passion Fruit tasted like jelly ace that reminds me of my childhood.

During summer, we often crave for a halo-halo delight. Blugre's Halo-Halo torte is to die for. Imagine a cake made up halo-halo! It's like a party in your mouth. With a vanilla ice cream on the side. And a spectacular cream!

 So go ahead and try these amazing summer treats and the other delights from Blugre that will surely make you ask for more. You have got to try them Have a fun, productive and a cool summer, everyone!

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