Nov 6, 2012

Burgers are one of the things that I just couldn't say no to, because well who doesn't love burgers? Tacos are one of my weaknesses too. Okay, I know too much meat isn't good for the health but YOLO? Ha! Just kidding. Humans are omnivore yet I think I'm more of a carnivore. lol

It's TACO TUESDAY once again. Momsy ordered me a soft taco; three small soft flour tortillas filled with meat, onions and cilantro. Served with salsa and and a slice of lime. My mouth was very happy and so is my stomach! It's spicy flavor made it more tasty, and I went home full because I ate 3 of 'em and it was all worth it and I also had free iced tea!

It even looks delicious on the photos, right? But it's even better when it inside your mouth. This is the classic, single quarter pound beef patty Burger. Mom shared that it was very delicious and its smell is very inviting. She then devoured this all by herself,  goodbye diet. Ha!

That's mom and Von outside Army Navy located at Abreeza Mall

We all had an awesome time. We went home with smiles on our faces and with tummies full. My mom and I agreed that we'll come back, that's for sure!  

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