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Aug 12, 2017

If you're looking for Filipino comfort food, Davao foodies know where to head to—Rekado. They have a wide selection of Pinoy favorite dishes prepared with a twist to heighten the flavors and satisfy our cravings.

“For the Kadayawan menu, we are bringing in the classic Filipino dishes,” said Chef Pauline Benedicto-Mallillin. Six new dishes on Rekado’s menu starting this Kadayawan month and they will make it permanent entries on their menu.

Crispy Dinuguan with Chicharon and Burong Mangga
So crispy yet tender pork belly on a rich stew. Their homemade burong mangga is added balance the richness of this dish.

Oyster Dinakdakan
It is deep-fried oyster meat tossed in a seasoned creamy dressing with onions and chilis dressing.

Corned Beef and Bone Marrow Bulalo

The stock of this generous dish is stewed for hours with aromatics and tasty beef cuts. The corned beef is specially made for Rekado with no preservatives. This is served with a beautiful cut of bone marrow that is seasoned finely and oven baked.

Inihaw na Liempo

The pork belly is charcoal grilled to infuse smokiness, while brushing with a flavorful marinade until flavors are well incorporated. 

Chicken Adobo sa Gata

This all-time Filipino favorite is delicious in itself but the coconut milk takes this dish to another level by adding creaminess to the sauce. Best enjoyed with extra rice. =)

Seafood Platter

On Rekado’s Davao Seafood Platter are the treasures our waters so graciously provide: the tuna panga, bagaybay, bihod and imbao. These are marinated in a spice paste and barbecued with a special marinade.

Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine is at 1050 Jacinto Extension 11-B Poblacion District, Davao City, with telephone numbers (082) 284 2136; (082) 224 3031. They are also open for breakfast and merienda.

Follow them on Facebook: Rekado Davao, and on Instagram: rekadodavao

Apr 5, 2017

Going on a vacation doesn’t mean spending more or leaving the city. The Heart of Davao makes this season extra exciting with summer flavors and events at Marco Polo Davao’s restaurants and bars.

At Cafe Marco, the Seafood dinner buffet will swoon palates every Friday and Saturday until April 29. The culinary team puts a fun meaning to Seafood Diet—when you see food, you eat it! The abundant choices of seafood like crabs, shrimps, shellfish and various fish can be enjoyed in different ways prepared according to the guests’ preference.  Available for Php1500 per person.

Dec 6, 2016

If there's something I look forward to everyday, that would be when my kids go home from school. Being a work at home mom like myself, doesn't mean you have all the time in the world to prepare your kids' meals. From time to time we have food delivered for dinner.

I'm glad McDo has McShare Box that contains the best-tasting Chicken McDo to make dining moments with families and loved ones more special. McDonald’s offers the new  Each piece is sure to satisfy everyone’s chicken craving because the new and improved Chicken McDo is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection. It’s definitely juicier and tastier with just the right crunch!

Sep 22, 2016

Marco Polo Davao celebrates Mid-Autumn/ Mooncake Festival at the city’s premier Cantonese restaurant Lotus Court attended by Filipino-Chinese community together with their family and friends. 

This year, Marco Polo Hotels offers a selection of unique mooncake gift boxes, each containing delectable and traditional mooncakes. The custom-crafted gift boxes are available with disposable cutleries including the popular Piccolo Kids Club mini mooncake box specially designed for the little VIPs. Flavors for the mooncake include Low-sugar Lotus Seed and Red bean paste.

The special dinner buffet included some of Lotus Court’s signature dishes like seafood delight and specialty dimsum as well as lechon—a Filipino all-time favorite for festivals.

Yummy and crispy Lechon
One of the MPD Chefs presenting the Peking Duck
Stir-Fried Crabs with Ginger and Onion
Pork Knuckle with Butterfly Bun

Assorted Buchi with durian, mongo, chocolate, lienyung filling
Assorted Pastries

The Mid-Autumn festival is an annual celebration of harvest usually held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with the full moon at its roundest and brightest. It is believed that the full moon is a symbol of peace, prosperity and reunion of families. During this day, mooncakes are served or given as gift to demonstrate goodwill and prosperity.

The evening was made livelier by cultural performances from students of Colegio de San Ignacio.

We also got to try mooncakes given as a gift to express goodwill and prosperity. Here's the happy faces of Mommy Verna and me after the event. Thank you Marco Polo Davao for inviting us.

Aug 18, 2016

Indeed fitting to this new bistro's tagline, Open Table offers a fun casual and cozy place that serves fresh, quality and elevated comfort food dishes. They serve a wide array of choices, from international to local cuisine, created with top-notch fare. They also serve first-rate coffee, coolers, unique cakes at a friendly price. Here are some of the dishes we sampled.